May 31

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Analog Remix Lab (aka, the Craft Cabin at ThatCamp SoCal)

Making a collage, THATCamp SoCal 2011

Making a collage, THATCamp SoCal 2011

I’ll be attending THATCamp SoCal 2012 to organize another “craft cabin” activity, like we had at THATCamp SoCal 2011.  I wrote up the nitty-gritty of the activity’s set-up, here; Marta Rivera Monclova wrote more reflections on the craft table as a participant, here.  If participants want to bring any materials of their own to include in the mix, that would certainly be welcome!  I’m also wondering if there’s any interest in creating a group zine during the two days of THATCamp.  If so, I can set up a table specifically for that project, too.

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