May 31

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Analog Remix Lab (aka, the Craft Cabin at ThatCamp SoCal)

Making a collage, THATCamp SoCal 2011

Making a collage, THATCamp SoCal 2011

I’ll be attending THATCamp SoCal 2012 to organize another “craft cabin” activity, like we had at THATCamp SoCal 2011.  I wrote up the nitty-gritty of the activity’s set-up, here; Marta Rivera Monclova wrote more reflections on the craft table as a participant, here.  If participants want to bring any materials of their own to include in the mix, that would certainly be welcome!  I’m also wondering if there’s any interest in creating a group zine during the two days of THATCamp.  If so, I can set up a table specifically for that project, too.

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Penny Richards

Research Scholar, UCLA Center for the Study of Women, H-Net editor since 1999, president of the Disability History Association, enthusiastic member of the 'crowd' in crowdsourcing projects, power-tagger and remixer of Flickr Commons images, mistress of too many blogs, and teacher of school art projects. I like accessible playgrounds, thriftshops, coffee, crochet, secondhand books, Girl Scouts, and any time I can play with paint and modpodge.

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  1. thatcampsocal

    Could you explain a “group zine” for those not familiar with the term?

    1. Penny Richards

      Good idea!  Now let me think how to describe it … a very analog google doc? 😉   The wikipedia entry for zine isn’t bad:
      If there’s interest, I envision setting out the tools (scissors, glue stick, maybe a typewriter if we can find one) on the first day, and getting the whole thing copied and stapled around midday Saturday, for distribution at the end of the event.  The contents would be up to the participants, obviously–draw something, write something, make a collage, leave a fingerprint, make a comic, make a list…  I’ll bring a little collection of zines as examples too.  (My particular interest is in women over 35 making zines, but I have a wider array to share.)

  2. Amanda French

    I still have the tiny paintings from old photos I bought from you at THATCamp SoCal the first! Love em — they’re in my office. 

    1. Penny Richards

       I still make the tiny paintings!  No cardboard box is safe in my house. 😉

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