Jawad Ali

  • Title / Position: Lecturer
  • Organization: CSUF
  • Twitter: zanzegig

I write about contemporary art & cinema and I suppose cross-cultural issues from a global perspective and my own graduate work was done under the deconstruction-heavy days at UC-Irvine (when the boa-deconstructors were at Irvine) and later at CalArts, where I read 'not meant to be read' poetry, as in, 'this is not supposed to give you any pleasure' poetry. Carr's work is protectionist and Zizek's is so uber-fascinating as to be almost like gravity: it's there, his intercourse between psychoanalysis and Marxism, but like gravity, we can't quite tell why it's there. Why does it work? Ok maybe this doesn't work. If a theory always works, then I suppose we should change the facts a bit like Einstein used to say.

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