Susan Seifried

  • Title / Position: Librarian
  • Organization: Norco College
  • Twitter: @susan_seifried

In a previous profession, I was an assistant archaeological lab manager, minding the artifacts and materials excavated in the field. I cataloged, data entered, minded the databases and located and pulled materials for analysis. After a layoff, I entered graduate school for Library and Information Science, where my interests shifted towards reference and instruction while maintaining my original interest of web design/programming. As a recent graduate, my goals as a librarian are to provide instruction, and to create usable digital and analog learning tools for students in the community college environment. The students in the community college environment come from a wide range of backgrounds, and this diversity is reflected quite often in their wide range of abilities and interests. I am interested how to address the varying needs of these students, by looking at the manner in which they seek information and how they manipulate and use the tools to acquire the information they need. Most importantly, while I am a lover and of things technical, I believe that it is important to bring students who may not have the experience with digital tools into the fold so that they can be better prepared for school, future careers and their personal lives.

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