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Register for THATCamp SoCal 2012!

THATCamp SoCal is 100% full, with a wait list. You may still request a spot on the wait list by registering. There is a good chance we will be able to move at least a few people into registered spots.

THATCamp Registration

Photo courtesy of Flickr user finnarne.

Registration for THATCamp SoCal 2012 opened on May 23, 201.

We can accept 100 Campers, and registration is FREE!

Registrations will be considered on a first come, first served basis. To ensure that you have sufficient time to book any necessary travel arrangements, you can expect to receive an answer by July 1, 2012.

If you don’t receive a confirmation by July 1st, please contact the Camp Coordinator.

Already have a THATCamp account?

If you've attended a THATCamp in the past, you probably already have an account on Log in and we'll pre-fill your profile information for you.

Personal Information

Please note that the following information from your profile may be publicly displayed on this website: your name, biography, field of study, title, institutional affiliation, website, and Twitter handle. No other information will be publicly displayed.

Tell us a little about yourself.


Example: @thatcamp

Examples: Assistant Professor, Instructional Technologist, Archivist, Software Engineer, Graduate student

Examples: George Mason University, New York Public Library, Automattic

e.g., Art History, English, Library Science

Which days do you plan to attend this THATCamp?

If you have dietary, language, spatial, accessibility, or other needs, please describe them here. We will make every effort to accommodate you.


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5 pings

  1. Timothy Edwards

    Just registered. Thanks for the heads up Miriam!

    1. Colleen Greene

      Timothy: I strongly encourage you to teach a project management workshop. It’s a much-needed learning experience that I frequently see requested at THATCamps. Although workshops are touted as mostly “technology skills”, the real distinction is that they are hands-on, more intensive topics that what get covered in the unconference sessions.  

      I work as a PM at our library, but don’t have the expertise to teach it. And I’ve found the hardest task for my colleagues to accomplish is needs analysis and requirements definition/gathering.  Giving either of those out as an in-workshop hands-on exercise (in teams, maybe) would be an invaluable workshop IMO.

  2. Gknee

    Wish someone would do something in the Phoenix area!

  1. There’s no going back now…I’m officially coordinating #THATCampSoCal 2012! – Colleen's Commentary

    […] So, if you live in Southern California, or simply want to visit our gorgeous part of the state, go register for THATCamp SoCal […]

  2. I’m officially coordinating #THATCampSoCal 2012! — Colleen Greene

    […] So, if you live in Southern California, or simply want to visit our gorgeous part of the state, go register for THATCamp SoCal […]

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