Aug 01

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Calling for #THATCampSoCal workshop proposals and requests!

We are now one and a half months away from THATCamp SoCal! We would like to be able to offer a good selection of hands-on workshops the first day of Camp (Friday, September 14th) to mix in with all the fun impromptu sessions that we’ll plan out that same first day….but we need your help.

Can you teach a workshop?

Workshops are formal-ish (aka “pre-planned”) hands-on sessions that last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, introducing a topic or tool, or teaching “next steps” to more advanced users.

So far, we have an excellent workshop on Text Mining Tools planned.

If you have a topic in mind to propose, please log in and post a workshop proposal to the blog by going to Posts –> Add New. If you have trouble with that, please Comment on this post, and we’ll get in touch with you.

What workshops would you like to attend?

THATCamps encourage that people be able to lead or teach a session or workshop that they propose, but we have a lot of new Campers at THATCamp SoCal 2012, so we’d like to put out feelers to find out what workshops (what technologies, tools, or topics) you are interested in learning?  We’ll do our best to find a workshop instructor for this topic.

Please post your interests as a Comment to this blog post.

Thank you!

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Colleen Greene

Librarian, web developer & strategist, educator. Systems Librarian at the Pollak Library, Cal State Fullerton. I frequently teach and present on social and emerging web technology topics. My research specializations include the social web, local history, and genealogy. My web specializations include web development, database development, information architecture, digital history, and social media integration. I am your THATCamp SoCal 2012 Coordinator!

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