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I've been working at the edge of the digital humanities for several years, ever since entering into a humanities PhD after a background in computing. My main involvement has been with the Zotero project, where I was a volunteer deeply involved in development and support. I am a certified Zotero trainer and I've run events for Zotero users and trainers at several institutions. That's old hat now, but I'm still trying to find the place for technology in my humanities teaching and in my research.

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  1. Amanda French

    I for one am super-psyched for this — you’ve helped me out on the forums more than once, ajlyon (if that IS your real name) and I’d really love to get into transformative uses of Zotero. 

  2. Colleen Greene

    All of those workshop ideas sound great! I think a considerable number of Campers will want and be ready for these types of workshops.

    We do also have a large number of Campers though that aren’t familiar with Zotero at all — so, perhaps we can wrangle up another Zotero-experienced Camper to teach an Intro workshop as well. I’d wager that a number of the public heritage community who are attending will need to see/hear *why* they should make their sites work with Zotero — what’s the advantage.

    Thanks for stepping up, ajlyon1!

    1. Avram Lyon

      I would be glad to do more on the technical things that people are interested in– from the Twitter traffic, that might include versioning (git/github), Zotero topics of all sorts. Glad to be a resource for interested people, in whatever form is appropriate for THATCamp.

  3. angshah

    This sounds great and would be super useful for me.

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